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Posted at Juni 29, 2020 | 131 | 0

Online Education Said Mayang, This is a Challenge for Educational Institutions

Cikarang, Internal Credible College Product Manager Mayang Lestari, Thursday (6/25/2020) in the Virtual Impact Circle 2020 opened by President of AIESEC In President University 2020/2021, Gerri Angga in Cikarang – Bekasi said E-Learning Learning has positive impacts and negative impacts.


E-Learning Learning makes it easy for students to learn anywhere, said Mayang, which explains the perspective or views of students towards learning through E-Learning.


Students can easily repeat the material contained on the E-Learning website, and students can improve their ability to practice doing the exercises.


However, E-Learning Learning has a negative impact including, not all access to E-Learning facilities can be reached by students properly, students are easy to be lazy and unfocused, and there may not be time for students to learn through E-Learning.


Therefore Mayang said, in order to develop an online education system (in a circle) this is also a challenge for any educational institution to develop it so that effective participation of all parties,


“Especially the main thing is that young people who undergo online education systems can adapt and build new mindsets using virtual education as a new opportunity to the maximum,” said Mayang who brought the material through question and answer sessions.

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