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Posted at Juni 29, 2020 | 183 | 0

Hundreds of Partisans Join Virtual Impact Circle 2020, This Quality Education Encourages Us to Become Digital World

Cikarang, Finally, the Virtual Impact Circle 2020 was held by AIESEC at President University, Cikarang – Bekasi, Thursday (6/25/2020). The event with the theme Virtual Learning Education # LearningAtHome “was attended by 100 partisans from various groups of the general public and the local community.


Impact Circle is based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) number 4, namely Quality Education.


Impact Circle is an initiative of AIESEC to form a forum for discussion between communities, organizations and other institutions to talk about social issues and how youth can participate in the solution.


Impact Circle also aims to let participants know about the situation and conditions of online or virtual-based education in Indonesia and how youth as the most literate generation of the digital world can help improve the quality of virtual education systems in Indonesia.


Virtual Impact Circle 2020 was opened by President of AIESEC In President University 2020/2021, Gerri Angga.


Meanwhile, the material presenters through sessions included Nabil Fendri Prabowo, Mayang Lestari, and Gloria Hamel where at the end of the session a question and answer session was held with Juwita Alfi as the moderator.


Meanwhile, the speakers at Impact Circle, Juwita Alfi Sahra (2nd Runner Up Miss Internet Indonesia), Nabil Fendri Prabowo (Head of Public Relations AIESEC in President University 2020/2021), Gloria Hamel (Public Relations Staff of Youth Of Indonesia), and Mayang Lestari (Product Manager of Internal Credible College).


This is the first time the event has also received support from various media and communities.




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