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Posted at Juni 29, 2020 | 159 | 0

During the Pandemic Period Youth Can Increase Productivity, What About Remote Areas

Cikarang, Youth of Indonesia Public Relations Staff Gloria Hamel in the Digital Education event at AIESEC at President University, Cikarang – Bekasi, Thursday (6/25/2020) said, Youth can now increase their productivity during the pandemic, especially in terms of educating self.



Productivity according to Gloria Hamel is internal and external.



The productivity that we can do during this pandemic is how we can do something that we have never done before.



For example, as youth we can seek knowledge that we have never gained by learning as many languages ​​as possible.



Gloria Hamel also explained that many people or students do not yet have a strong mentality in implementing an education system that is virtual or digital based.



“This is due to the very lack of facilities and access provided by the government to remote areas,” said Gloria who was a speaker at Impact Circle with the theme Virtual Quality Education # LearningHomeHome.




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