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Posted at Agustus 04, 2020 | 366 | 0

AIESEC Holds Virtual Impact Circle 2020 Promotes New, Normal and Optimizing Professional Skills at Home

Cikarang, “The New Normal: Optimizing Professional Skills at Home” was the theme of the Virtual Impact Circle 2020 organized by AIESEC at President University, Cikarang, Sunday (2/8/2020).


Themes that provide education to participants on how to optimize and improve skills even though only at home have received positive and successful responses.


According to the MC or Master of Ceremony by Rey Abraham, Virtual Impact Circle 2020 is a good event organized by AIESEC in President University as Youth Leadership Organizations.


“The Virtual Impact Circle 2020 is concerned about the development of Indonesian youth to contribute to the Indonesian nation,” he said.


Virtual Impact Circle 2020 was held based on SDG 8 namely Decent Work and Economic Growth and absorbed more than 110 participants.


The speakers who have experience in the field of professional skills and skills include, Annisa Ainina Novara (Educational Content Management at Skill Academy), Viranda Agus Wijayanti (LCVP OGE of AIESEC in President University 2020/2021), and Passed Kurniawan (Founder of Qlausa and  Braitwan).



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